The WA: An Ecstatic Dance Journey
with Michael Furniss

Fourth Friday of Each Month!

*No WA in July or August. We will meet again September 25.

Have a great summer!*

8:00-9:30 pm
$5-15 sliding scale

Join us in practice as we embody our prayers, emotions, and visions. Put your body in motion to still the mind. A wave of world-beat music carries us on a personal journey, exploring our inner landscapes, as we allow our bodies to move freely in a safe and sacred space. No experience or "dancing grace" is necessary. You are invited to move with your own authentic expression of the moment. This is an inner practice of transformation, amplified and enriched by the presence of other dancers.
Why Wa? “Wa” means “harmony” in Japanese. “Wa” also reads as "gentleness of spirit" invoking an internal harmony in art and life. Wa has many other meanings too, and is a musical sound that invites depth and discovery. The WA is a dance event in the ecstatic dance tradition of Gabriel Roth and others. The music is in the form of a “Wave” that facilitates a dance journey through a series of rhythms that can open dancers to rich inner worlds.
Michael has been ecstatic dancing for many years. With 3 others, he founded and co-leads the “Sacred Wave Dance” once a month on Sunday morning in Arcata. He is passionate about mixing musical soundscapes that facilitate dancers in their own journey. Michael is a teacher in the Universal Sufi tradition of Inayat Khan, and has been teaching the Dances of Universal peace for 15 years. He strives for attunement to the mystical traditions of Sufism, Buddhism, and Judaism. Michael is a professional geomorphologist and works nationally and internationally in climate change and water.