Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
with Jenni Brown & Artemisia Shine





All yoga therapy sessions include use of the Om Shala Yoga sauna, showers, and lounge.

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Jenni Brown:
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Artemisia Shine:
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Cancellation Policy

We have a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you cancel less than 24 hours before your appointment, we will charge you for half the price of the session. To cancel an appointment, please contact the practitioner directly.

Phoenix Rising is a bridge between the body and the soul, a fusion of ancient yoga poses and contemporary psychology. Gentle touch and supportive movement provided by your practitioner enable a deepened awareness of the body. Exploring breath, body, mind, and spirit; you are given the opportunity to heal through the wisdom that your body holds. Everything you need to know is already inside you, and with the support of your Therapist, you can access this inner knowledge, moving towards transformation.

As you are guided in and out of gentle poses, you may encounter a physical edge, a place where sensations are felt at a heightened level. During class, we must support ourselves alone, therefore, we rarely have the chance to stay at this so called edge and explore it. While your therapist physically holds you in this safe space, you can allow yourself to explore what lies beyond the physical sensations that arise. At your edge, physical, emotional, or otherwise, you can begin to transform, letting go of what you no longer need to carry, and listening to the inner guidance that is available to you.

Everyone experiences their body and their session in a different way. Sometimes we laugh, cry, shaking or even remember forgotten experiences. All of these expressions are a form of release. Often the body appears as a map of your life; the way in which you appear in a pose reflects the way in which you choose to live. Painful experiences get stored within us in the form of tension, stress and even physical pain. Phoenix Rising practitioners are the supportive witness to your journey inward as you discover what your body holds. Becoming aware of old habits allows you to release them, for awareness is the first step towards change. Open dialogue gives you a chance to be heard, and to hear yourself, which can be a quite empowering experience. In a way, a session feels like communing with oneself.

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is appropriate for everyone. You do not need to have had any yoga experience. Yoga therapy is beneficial in times of struggle when answers or guidance are needed. It encourages healing on a profound level in times of grief and sadness, and promotes inner strength when transition is upon you. The tale of the phoenix bird rising from the ashes symbolizes the act of being reborn. You are at all times in your life dying to who you have been and being born to who you are becoming. Let go of old baggage you no longer need to carry ~ reborn without, renewed and free.

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About Our Therapists

Artemisia Alaska

Artemisia Shine is a warm-hearted, inquisitive, earth loving yogi-tantrika passionately engaged in the intrepid adventure of everyday living! She dances with the roles of Hatha Yoga Teacher, Intuitive Healer, Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist, Reiki Practitioner, coyote medicine maker, and mother to a wild and wonderful spark of amazing named Bodhi Shine. She spends most of her time working one-on-one with people: holding their stories of pain, joy, reverie, trauma and wonder. Her biggest job is to be a compassionate loving mirror. Her joy filled mission is to support the awakening of ever more sri (radiance, splendor and beauty) in the hearts of all those she encounters.

Artemisia attended her first yoga class in 1998 and since then, Yoga has helped her navigate life's more perilous escapades with some semblance of grace. As a Certified Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Practitioner, she has 600+ hours of training in Mind-Body Therapy. Artemisia is also finsihing up a year long imersion-style counseling training program with Interchange Counseling Institute in San Francisco. She encourages you to stay with uncomfortable postures, thoughts and emotions while infusing your body with breath in order to become more skillful at breathing and consciously responding to the challenging situations in your life. When you work together, you can expect to feel the warm embrace of being truly seen and cared for in a judgment free, safe space.

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Jenni Brown was introduced to her first yoga class 11 years ago. Curious about the emotions that were coming up for her in class, she became fascinated with the idea of merging movement with contemporary psychology, and thus found Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy. She finished training as a practitioner herself in 2004, and in 2006 she completed her teachers training at the Hatha Yoga Center in Seattle. She taught Hatha and Vinnyasa classes in the Seattle area for 3 years before moving to Arcata to start a small farm with her family.

Jenni’s flow classes are often influenced by the ideas of Phoenix Rising. She encourages listening to and respecting the body in order to learn from it. She moves her students through poses that encourage a deepened awareness of where the body holds tension, supporting deep release. Jenni’s gentle touch and calm atmosphere create a meditative environment.  She hopes to provide each student with the chance to move towards self-transformation and growth. Jenni also offers private yoga therapy sessions through Om Shala.

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