Massage & Healing Services

Massage at Om Shala is a collective of three massage therapists, all graduates of the Arcata School of Massage. While each therapist has a unique style, all of their work starts from a foundation of sensitive and intuitive healing touch. We integrate many modalities to bring a creative and personal healing experience to each client.
All massage services include use of the lounge, sauna and showers (schedule permitting). Please contact therapists directly to book or call (707) 840-4733 to reach our general info line.


Jodie, Bryan & Sarah


Massage: 60 / 90 / 120 minutes $60 / $90 / $120
60 minute side-by-side (couple’s massage) $130
60 minute bodyscrub massage with Jodie or Sarah only $75
60 minute prenatal massage with Jodie only $60
30 minute (fully clothed) head, neck & shoulders $30

Chair massage available for special events, offices, and parties.

Please contact any of the therapists listed or email for more information.

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Our Massage Therapists

jodie bio

Jodie offers sessions that include moderate Swedish massage, acupressure, myofascial technique, light-touch energy work, and assisted yoga stretches. She specializes in prenatal and relaxation massage. Her main intention as a body worker is to offer her clients a safe place to relax deeply, communicating both through words and touch. She believes that healing can most easily occur when the client is able to be present and completely at home in her or his own body, in each moment. She creates an atmosphere that is comfortable and leaves her clients feeling well cared for. Her sessions are often completed with melodic chanting or singing, help to integrate the effects of the work. Jodie is a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor, birth assistant, and massage therapist. She completed the 650-hr. certification program at Arcata School of Massage.

Jodie DiMinno (707)616-0930 – text or call

bryan bio

Bryan creatively and intuitively integrates various styles and techniques of therapeutic massage treatments according to the moment by moment needs of each client he works with; ranging from very hypnotic and subtle to powerful and vigorous. Drawing upon his training and knowledge of Swedish, myofascial release and stretching, deep tissue, Reiki and energy work, and reflexive techniques, he creates an experience of depth and richness through his grounded presence that focuses upon releasing areas of holding and tension, and spreading the opening process through the rest of the body. Bryan provides a full spectrum of experiences from trance-like relaxation treatments geared towards evaporating physical and emotional stress and tension, to very focused treatments of specific issues with connective tissue and muscular dysfunction. Bryan holds a BS in biology from HSU and is a California State Certified Massage Therapist.

Bryan Crouch (707)628-7761 – text or call


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Sarah Matik has moved her office! Text or call to schedule an appointment with her at her new space.