Class Levels

Level I - Accessible for everyone; no flexibility or experience required. 

Level I-II - For advanced beginners and intermediate students. Our Level I-II class assumes a basic knowledge of poses and breathing and is therefore not appropriate as a first-ever yoga class.

Level II-III - Intermediate/advanced. Depending on the teacher and style of yoga, this class may include advanced variations of arm balances, inversions, and backbends, may include chanting and breathwork, or it may move at a faster pace or include longer holds of poses. Most definitely not appropriate for beginners! 

Class Descriptions

Acro Yoga – An integration and playful class that focuses on the fundamentals of acro yoga, including strength, flexibility, balance, trust and community.

Align and Flow – A light-hearted flowing practice that links breath and movement with a focus on physical alignment.

Anusara – Combines a life affirming philosophy with a refined system of physical alignment for optimal stability and freedom in body, mind and spirit.

Anusara Level II – Practice in a fun and challenging class that explores a variety of advanced asanas. Must be able to hold supported handstand and pres up into full wheel.

Ashtanga Community Class – Focusing on the relationship between movement and breath with an emphasis on structural alignment through classical and traditional forms of yoga.

Candlelight Flow – Taught in a candlelit room; a graceful and meditative practice that links breath with movement. Expect to move, sweat, and relax.

Candlelight Hatha Flow – Cultivate steadiness, calm and mental stability through a sweet evening yoga practice.

Candlelight Hot Stone Yoga – Build strength & settle into profound inner peace. Potent hatha practice followed by ½ hour savasana, LIVE sound healing, aromatherapy & crown massage. Hot stones placed on specific areas of the body to promote profound relaxation. (NOT hot yoga.) 1st, 3rd & 5th Fridays Monthly - $20

Community Class – A quality half-priced class, taught by newer teachers.

Core Power Hour – Heated and challenging. Attention to moving from the core to enhance fluidity, internal strength and outer body release. Water and towel recommended.

Core Strength Vinyasa – Heated and challenging. Attention to moving from the core to enhance fluidity, internal strength and outer body release. Water and towel recommended.

Forrest Yoga – A strong and compassionate practice, created by master yogini Ana Forrest, that brings a sense of freedom and connection to spirit.

Gentle Yoga – guided stretching, body awareness, core strengthening, relaxation

Hatha Flow – Brighten your inner fire as you build physical strength & mental stability through dynamic asana, tantra, meditation & breath.

Hatha Raja – A graceful, heart centered flow, emphasizing purification through devotion and meditation. For able-bodied practitioners only. Not appropriate for beginners. Expect to move and sweat. HOT!

Hatha Slow Flow – A slow, lingering practice to give the body time to deepen into the asana.

Hot Yoga – A challenging yoga series based on Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle & towel. Expect to move and sweat. HOT!

Inside Out Ecstatic Dance Journey *Formerly WA – The WA is a dance event in the ecstatic dance tradition of Gabriel Roth and others. The music is in the form of a “Wave” that facilitates a dance journey through a series of rhythms that can open dancers to rich inner worlds.

Kids' Yoga (ages 6-12) – A dynamic fusion of traditional yoga poses, creative movement, stories, songs, games, and meditation to create a fun, centering, active class.

Kirtan: Devotional Singing with Shemaia Skywater – Kirtan is the name for Hindu devotional chanting which means remembering the name of God. By chanting with true devotion we are able to experience how each Name of the One Reality has irresistibly sanctifying & transformative power. By singing these ancient Sanskrit prayers we join a stream of consciousness & devotion that's been flowing for centuries. Kirtan is hardly at all about musical ability- in this way of singing you're invited to get out of your head and into your heart.

Laughter Yoga – Combines laughter with yogic breathing. The goal of laughter yoga is to bring health, joy and world peace through laughter. Free!

Meditation – Meditative practices merge us with our Divine Source, attune us with Nature, and deliver us safely to our Loving Home within. Crazy Wisdom Lineage practices are radically transformative, and provide the necessary tools for the fulfillment of the human journey.

Meditation Party – Satsang and guided meditations. Raise energy and awaken consciousness through Jhana Yoga, non-dualism, Kundalini Yoga and Shaktipat teachings. Offered by donation.

Mindfulness Flow – A deep and flowing meditation in motion practice that cultivates unbroken moment-to-moment awareness.

NIA – A barefoot cardio class that incorporates dance, martial, and healing arts. Set to soul stirring, world beat music and appropriate for all levels of fitness. FUN!!!

Power Hour – A one hour rejuvinating, uplifting & dynamic practice that links breath with movement.

Power Vinyasa – A challenging yoga series based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle & towel. Expect to move & sweat.

Pranayama/Meditation – Pranayama/Meditation

Prenatal Yoga – A gentle class exploring breath, sound, and movement to maintain comfort and health during pregnancy, labor and birth. Prepare your body, mind and spirit to welcome your baby into the world. Birth partners and doulas are encouraged to attend. All levels welcome.

Relax Deeply – This class encourages us to take some time to slow down and experience ourselves more deeply through the exploration of breath, gentle movements, and stillness.

Shaktipat Meditation – Shaktipat Meditation is a transmission of divine love from teacher to student. Jhana Yoga is the path of direct awareness and introspection, looking inward to observe what is already there.

Slow Flow Vinyasa – A slower moving class that still allows for challenge and play through longer-held poses. Start with a dynamic, nourishing flow then ground and relax into restorative postures to soothe the body and mind.

Teen Yoga for Girls – Teen Yoga for Girls

Universal Meditation – Meditation classes include: Tibetan Energy Yoga; breathing practices; 15-20 minutes of quiet stillness, and sharing wisdom teachings. By donation.

Vinyasa & Alignment – A flowing practice that links breath and movement with a focus on physical alignment.

Vinyasa Flow – A vigorous, flowing practice that links breath with movement and is often accompanied by music. Expect to move and sweat.

Weekly Special Events – Candlelight Hot Stone Yoga, Community Kirtan Devotional Singing & Ecstatic Dance. See workshop page for details.

willPower & grace® – Experience a unique, full-body, barefoot cardio-sculpting workout with the intensity of boot-camp, the self-awareness of yoga, and the discipline of Pilates. The formatted movement progressions are taught with a positive, uplifting philosophy to increase your self-confidence and show you results. The class is for students of all levels.

Yoga – Level One

Yoga for Beginners – Learn the basics of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Appropriate for absolute beginners. No experience or flexibility required!

Yoga Nidra – A gentle warm up followed by guided meditation that combines awareness with deep relaxation. Ideal for dealing with stress, insomnia, grief & chronic conditions.

Yum Yum Yoga – From the Yogalign method developed on Kauai this classes emphasizes natural alignment, self massage and the enjoyment of our embodied experience.