Class Levels

Level I - Accessible for everyone; no flexibility or experience required. 

Level I-II - For advanced beginners and intermediate students. Our Level I-II class assumes a basic knowledge of poses and breathing and is therefore not appropriate as a first-ever yoga class.

Level II-III - Intermediate/advanced. Depending on the teacher and style of yoga, this class may include advanced variations of arm balances, inversions, and backbends, may include chanting and breathwork, or it may move at a faster pace or include longer holds of poses. Most definitely not appropriate for beginners! 

Class Descriptions

Anusara – Combines a life affirming philosophy with a refined system of physical alignment for optimal stability and freedom in body, mind and spirit.

Anusara Inspired – Combines a life-affirming philosophy with a refined system of physical alignment. A heart-opening theme is woven through each class.

Anusara Level II – Practice in a fun and challenging class that explores a variety of advanced asanas. Must be able to hold supported handstand and pres up into full wheel.

Candlelight Flow – Taught in a candlelit room; a graceful and meditative practice that links breath with movement. Expect to move, sweat, and relax.

Candlelight Hot Stone Yoga – Build strength & settle into profound inner peace. Potent hatha practice followed by ½ hour savasana, LIVE sound healing, aromatherapy & crown massage. Hot stones placed on specific areas of the body to promote profound relaxation. (NOT hot yoga.) 1st & 3rd Fridays Monthly - $20

Community Class – A quality half-priced class, taught by newer teachers.

Forrest Yoga – A strong and compassionate practice, created by master yogini Ana Forrest, that brings a sense of freedom and connection to spirit.

Gentle Yoga – A friendly introduction or re-introduction to yoga. Ease into your practice with clear, simple instruction. A slower-paced class with plenty of time to breathe.

Hatha Flow – Brighten your inner fire as you build physical strength & mental stability through dynamic asana, tantra, meditation & breath.

Hatha Raja – A graceful, heart centered flow, emphasizing purification through devotion and meditation. For able-bodied practitioners only. Not appropriate for beginners. Expect to move and sweat. HOT!

Hot Yoga – A challenging yoga series based on Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle & towel. Expect to move and sweat. HOT!

Kids' Yoga (ages 4-6) – A dynamic fusion of traditional yoga poses, creative movement, stories, songs, games, and meditation to create a fun, centering, active class.

Kids' Yoga (ages 7-12) – A dynamic fusion of traditional yoga poses, creative movement, stories, songs, games, and meditation to create a fun, centering, active class.

Kundalini Yoga & Gong Meditation – Activate your creative inner fire through this tantalizing form of sequence specific yoga as originally taught by Yogi Bhajan. Culminates in gong induced, vibratory bliss!

Laughter Yoga – Combines laughter with yogic breathing. The goal of laughter yoga is to bring health, joy and world peace through laughter. Free!

Meditation – A post traditional practice that draws on both Hindu and Buddhist traditions. Offered by donation.

Meditation Party – Satsang and guided meditations. Raise energy and awaken consciousness through Jhana Yoga, non-dualism, Kundalini Yoga and Shaktipat teachings. Offered by donation.

Mindfulness Flow – A deep and flowing meditation in motion practice that cultivates unbroken moment-to-moment awareness.

Power Vinyasa – A challenging yoga series based on the Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga style. Please bring a yoga mat, water bottle & towel. Expect to move & sweat.

Pranayama/Meditation – Pranayama/Meditation

Prenatal Yoga – Explore the stages of labor while practicing yoga together in a fun and supportive environment! Experiment with various movements and postures that may be helpful in coping with discomfort, and keep labor moving along smoothly. A portion of the class will be dedicated to helping you create a birth plan, and there will be plenty of time for questions. Birth partners and doulas are encouraged to attend. All levels welcome.

Relax Deeply – This class encourages us to take some time to slow down and experience ourselves more deeply through the exploration of breath, gentle movements, and stillness.

Slow Flow Yoga Nidra – A gentle flowing practice followed by guided meditation that combines awareness with deep relaxation. Ideal for dealing with stress, grief & chronic conditions.

Tantra Vinyasa Yoga – The aim of this class is to combine intention, breath, and asana into a moving meditation. Expect a creative, strong, flowing practice that challenges you physically while building you up mentally and emotionally at the same time.

Teen Yoga for Girls – Teen Yoga for Girls

Vinyasa & Alignment – Vinyasa & Alignment

Vinyasa Flow – A vigorous, flowing practice that links breath with movement and is often accompanied by music. Expect to move and sweat.

willPower & grace – Experience a unique, full-body, barefoot cardio-sculpting workout with the intensity of boot-camp, the self-awareness of yoga, and the discipline of Pilates. The formatted movement progressions are taught with positive, uplifting philosophy to increase your self-confidence and show you results. This class is for students of all levels.

Yoga – Level One

Yoga for Beginners – Learn the basics of yoga in a safe and supportive environment. Appropriate for absolute beginners. No experience or flexibility required!