40-Day Yoga Journey

Celebrate yourself. Celebrate your practice. Celebrate life!

Friday, March 1st – Tuesday, April 9th

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Embark on a 40-day inner journey of intentional practice (mindfulness, meditation, asana) to come into a deeper relationship with the Self. Catalyze your commitment with the motivational power of fellow yogis navigating alongside you every step of the way. Join in the 40-Day Yoga Journey to celebrate your body, mind and spirit.  


Choose Your
Yoga Journey!

40-Day Journey Package

($200): Less than the cost of 12 classes!
  • Unlimited 40 Day Class Pass
  • Unlimited Sauna
  • Free Pass to Ecstatic Dance
  • Wellness Discount Pass: Generous Wellness Discounts on Massage, Private Yoga, Workshops, Spa Products, & other supportive healing modalities (See wellness discounts below) 

The Personal Journey

Customize your Journey by choosing the class package & events that work best for you! (Does not include Wellness or Workshop Discounts or free admittance to Ecstatic Dance.)

Sign up today! Stop by the front desk and we’ll help get your journey started! 

Community Events & Happenings During
the 40 Day Journey!

Celebratory Potlucks

Bring your favorite vegetarian dish to share, your family, your warm open heart and joyful intention to connect with new and old friends as we navigate this 40 Day Yoga Journey together!

  • Opening Celebration / Intention Setting Potluck - Friday, February 28th - 6:00pm, followed by The Wa!

  • Closing Ceremony Potluck - Saturday, April 13th - 6:00pm


Events & Workshops

Sunday Afternoon Speaker Series: 3:00-4:00pm

As part of your journey gather with teachers and students for community support and deeper exploration into different aspects of yoga. Students are encouraged to ask questions, discuss their Yoga Journey experience and get to know one another. Tea and casual conversation will follow each talk.


The 40-Day Journey Package for $200 Includes:

  • Unlimited 40 Day Class Pass
  • Unlimited Sauna
  • Special discounts on healing sessions:
    • ($10 off) 90 min Phoenix Rising Yoga Session with Jenni Brown = $65.00
    • ($25 off) 90 min Ayurveda/Whole Food Nutritional Consultation with Amy Aiello of Radiant Balance = $50
    • ($25 off) Being Embodied Session with Christine Fiorentino = $50
    • ($10 off) 60 Individual/Group Private Gong Meditation & Breath Control with Joan Richards = $40
    • ($20 off) Private Yoga Sessions = $45 for 60 mins / $70 for 90 mins
  • Special discounts on workshops:
    • (20% off) Chakra Journey to the Heart with Peggy Profant on Saturday, March 4th – April 1st
    • Free Admission to The WA: Ecstatic Dance Journey with Michael Furniss - Friday, February 28th @ 8-9:30 pm